Covid Procedures

Anybody self isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms, MUST NOT under any circumstance attend a grooming appointment. 


To protect you and myself whilst I am grooming your dog, I have put the following procedures in place to keep us safe which must be followed when attending any grooming sessions at Paws For Thought Grooming

On Arrival

All clients must follow hygiene procedures put in place to minimise the spread of the virus; this includes wearing a mask, and keeping 1 meter plus distance. Hand sanitizer is available. Please be courteous &  do not park in or across neighbours driveway, there are several parking bays available as well as our own driveway.

Make your way through the side entrance as per usual. All door handles & the card reader will be disinfected between each customer and there will be hand sanitiser available if needed.  All harnesses/collars and leads must be removed and taken away or they will be bathed with the dog so may still be damp on return (use easy clean or old if possible). Please note that some collars stain necks when damp and I will not be held responsible.  

Time slots

You must pick up and collect your dog at the stated time. If you are early please wait in your car until your allotted time. Only one client is permitted on the premises at a time. Times are purposely staggered to ensure this. Any dogs arriving late may have to be re-booked and a late fee will apply to cover loss of earnings. Late collection of dogs will be charge a sitting fee as this may result in the next client having to be postponed or even cancelled. 

My Procedure 

I will be wearing easy clean clothing and deep cleaning touchable surfaces between each and every dog. This includes using UV sterilisation for equipment used and using pet safe sanitiser on any surface used.

The dog will go straight into the bath and be cleaned thoroughly. The dog is then dried and groomed as normal within allotted time. Finally, they are sprayed with Leucillin (pet friendly, antiviral, antibacterial spray). I will call or text you 15-30 mins before the dog is ready for collection. Please do not enter before then or I may not be able to finish your very excited dog. 

Matted Dogs (heavily knotted)

I will not be dematting ANY dogs. Should you wish to keep your dog's coat fluffy, ensure you are brushing well at home. If they do come in matted, they will simply be shaved short for the coat to start again and to make the dog comfortable. This is the quickest and safest way to ensure you dogs coat is knot free. There are no if's or buts on this measure. Dogs requiring extensive extra work may have to come back for further appointments. 

It is the clients responsibility to ensure their dog is fit & healthy & must notify me of any issues prior to their appointment. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that I cannot be held liable for. 


I am not accepting cash payments. I have the following payment options: card (contactless works up to £50 via phone), bank transfer, and payment invoice via text or email.

By making an appointment you agree to standard terms & conditions and new Covid-19 procedures.

Thank you for all your understanding, support and cooperation during these uncertain times. I look forward to seeing all your dogs!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or 0795 166 4198

- Katie

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*Subject to following & adhering UK Government guidelines. Updated 01/04/2021