Dog Grooming Services 

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Full Groom 

A full groom includes a hydobath in all natural vegan friendly shampoo, ears cleaned, drying, nails, sanitary clip and style.

Bath & Brush 

A bath & brush includes a hydrobath in all natural vegan friendly shampoo, ears cleaned, drying, nails, sanitary clip & brush out. No length is taken off the coat.


Hand stripping is a grooming process that involves removing dead hairs from the coat by hand instead of clipping to keep the coat tidy and healthy. I pluck the outer guard hairs from the coat entirely by hand when the coat is blown. A handstrip includes a hydrobath in all natural vegan friendly hypoallergenic scentless shampoo, ears cleaned, drying, nails, sanitary clip, handstripping and scissoring of non-strippable coat.  

VIP Package

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your appointments for the year already in the diary? The VIP (Very Important Pooch) package includes:

  • Free facial scrub & head massage with every groom

  • Free Vita Canis paw butter

  • Free nail & fringe trims in-between grooms

  • Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning discount for top ups


Regular visits to the groomers means your pooch is rarely matted or uncomfortable.

Priority appointments; I allocate your appointments throughout the year, so you won't de disappointed during busy times. Please let me know if you have a preferred day or time.

T&C's apply

Puppy Introductions £30

I believe that dogs should be introduced to grooming as early as possible to get used to the sounds, smells and feeling so that grooming can be an enjoyable experience. A Puppy introduction is for puppies from 12 weeks to up to 6 months.

Puppy intros include: a bath, dry, nails, sanitary clip and fringe trim. Puppies should be coming every 4 weeks.

What's a Hydrobath?
Hydrobaths provide an effective, enjoyable, hassle-free dog bathing experience. The built in pump and heating unit creates a warmed, pressurised shampoo solution which allows full penetration into the coat for fast, effective and superior bathing.

Hydrobaths provide many benefits for your pet:

  • Drastically reduced bathing time which is particularly beneficial for elderly, infirm and nervous pets.

  •  Deep coat penetration provides an invigorating massaging bathing experience which stimulates hair follicles which promotes coat growth and improved coat and skin condition.

  • Improved pet comfort.

  • Environmentally conscious by reducing water and power consumption.

Matted Dogs (heavily knotted)

I will not be dematting ANY dogs. Should you wish to keep your dog's coat fluffy, ensure you are brushing well at home. If they do come in matted, they will simply be shaved short for the coat to start again and to make the dog comfortable. This is the quickest and safest way to ensure you dogs coat is knot free. There are no if's or buts on this measure. For matted dogs, a surcharge will be incurred.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure their dog is fit & healthy & must notify me of any issues prior to their appointment. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that I cannot be held liable for.


Aromatherapy - Coming Soon

  • Natural essential oils and hydrosols

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, ease tension, relax and comfort your dog. 

  • Increases circulation of blood & lymph

  • Strengthens your dog’s immune system Improves breathing

  •  Promotes overall wellbeing