At Paws For Thought Grooming we have worked tirelessly to find the best products for pets & the environment. We're moving over to natural products which not only also has zero impact to the environment. We are also trying to locally source as many products as possible to help small business thrive! 

We only sell products we've personally tested in the salon to ensure you get the best experience both in and out of the groom room!

Check out our Brushing Guide from Groomer Humour for some light humoured yet useful advice!

During the Covid-19 lockdown period I will be posting out all items for £4.00 1st Class Royal Mail at regular intervals. The stock is limited to what I have and what can still be ordered so to ensure your dog has the best quality products and tools order now to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions, including what tools and shampoos are best for your dog, please ask at any time. - Keep safe!

For All Dogkind

It contains 97% natural with the remaining 3% ‘nature identical’ preservatives. Meaning it's free from chemicals including sulphates, parabens, pegs and petrochemicals. 100% pure essential oils
Full transparency of all our ingredients and EU
Made exclusively in the UK
Their range is completely tearless formula & suitable for all breeds and ages


Vita Canis

They only use high quality naturally occurring oils, butters, plant extracts and steam distilled aromatic waters.

Wherever possible they use organic ingredients, currently 95% of our ingredients are organic and we are working hard to convert the last 5%!

The products do not contain any preservatives or synthetic ingredients as they believe that using natural products is better for you, your pet and the environment.

All products are handmade, never compromising on quality.